The Directorate of Kokborok & Other Minority Languages was established on 14th August of 2012. It was established for promotion and development of Kokborok & Other Minority Languages of the state namely i) Bishnupriya Manipuri, ii) Chakma, iii)Halam , iv) Kuki-Mizo, v) Manipuri , vi) Mog and vii) Garo Language. 

Kokborok , the mother tongue of communities namely Debbarma (Tripuri) Reang, Tripura, Jamatia, Noatia, Kalai, Rupini, Murasing, Uchoi , is recognised as one of the State language of the State, Tripura. It got recognition as state language on 19th January, 1979. According to 2011 Census report the number of Kokborok speaking people is 8,80,537 which is 23.97% of the total population of the state.

More than 500 Books have been published in this language. Most of them are of Poetries, Short stories, Novels and Dramas , Essays and Reference books etc are fewer than the former. The Kokborok is being taught as a subject at University. Kokborok Text books, from classes I to VIII, are being prepared by the Directorate of Kokborok and Other Minority Languages and printed by SCERT. The text books, for classes IX, X, XI & XII, are being printed by this Directorate . Earlier these books were printed by the SCERT. Text-books of Kokborok languge for all classes are being distributed to the students free of cost by the Govt. of Tripura.

For providing education to the students in their mother tongue and also to develop & preserve different languages of the state of Tripura the Govt. of Tripura has set up the Directorate of Kokborok & Other Minority Languages in the year 2012. Since then the Directorate of Kokborok &OML has been promoting Kokborok & 7 other minority languages, namely – Chakma, Halam, Kuki-Mizo, Bishnupriya Manipuri, Manipuri, Garo & Mog as per the direction of the state government. The Directorate Kokborok & Other Minority Languages has performed various activities since it has come into existence.   

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