About Us

The Directorate of Kokborok & Other Minority Languages was established on 14th August of 2012. It was established for promotion and development of Kokborok & Other

Minority Languages of the state namely i) Bishnupriya Manipuri, ii) Chakma, iii)Halam , iv) Kuki-Mizo, v) Manipuri , vi) Mog and vii) Garo Language. 

Kokborok , the mother tongue of communities namely Debbarma (Tripuri) Reang, Tripura, Jamatia, Noatia, Kalai, Rupini, Murasing, Uchoi , is recognised as one of the State language of the State, Tripura. It got recognition as state language on 19th January, 1979. According to 2011 Census report the number of Kokborok speaking people is 8,80,537

which is 23.97% of the total population of the state.

More than 500 Books have been published in this language. Most of them are of Poetries, Short stories, Novels and Dramas , Essays and Reference books etc are fewer than the former. The Kokborok is being taught as a subject at University. Kokborok Text books, from classes I to VIII, are being prepared by the Directorate of Kokborok and Other Minority Languages and printed by SCERT. The text books, for classes IX, X, XI & XII, are being printed by this Directorate . Earlier these books were printed by the SCERT.

Number of schools & institutions where Kokborok is being taught as a subject:-

1. Primary level: - 903 schools under TTAADC area as Language Subject.

2. High & Higher Secondary level: - 46 Schools as Language Subject.

3. College level: - 18 Colleges as elective Subject.

4. University level: - M.A. Kokborok , PG Diploma & Certificate Course.

The following Minority Languages , namely, 1) Chakma, 2) Halam, 3) Garo , 4) Mog , 5) Kuki- Mizo, 6) Bishnupriya Manipuri and 7) Manipuri, are being taught as a subject up to class V. The teaching of Manipuri Language will be introduced in class VI (six) from next academic year i, e, 2017 and it will be taught up to class VIII gradually.

Text books of Minority Languages are prepared by the Directorate of Kokborok etc. The printing is done by the SCERT through SSA Fund. Number of Schools where Minority Languages are being taught Name of Language - Number of Schools

Chakma - 62, Bishnupriya Manipuri - 36, Halam - 90, Kuki-Mizo - 16, Manipuri - 22, Mog - 26, Garo - 13*

The Major work within next two months :-

Celebration of Kokborok Sal (day) by organising the early morning coloured procession of 3000 studentsn participation on 19th, January 2017, it is one of the Major work. The second will be to introduce Kokborok in class I of all primary schools of the state government where the Kokborok speaking students are more than 90%. As Bengali is the Official Script for Kokborok , it will help the students to read and write Bengali easily, which is now one of the critical problem of Kokborok speaking students.

Proposed Activities by KBK & OML during 2017-18 to 2018-19.

1. Re-printing of pocket sized Kokborok “Dialectal Thesaurus” .

2. Translation and Publication of Indian historical stories of Amar Chitrakotha.

3. Translation and printing of stories of Munshi Prem Chand etc

4. Collection & publication of North-east folk literature.

5. Kokborok Text Book for Classes IX –X and class XI- XII printing

6. Printing of half Yearly Kokborok Literary Magazines

7. Kokborok Folk tales and Folk songs to be collected

8. Kokborok Literary Festival to be organized twice in a year.

9. Seminar cum workshop to be organized on 18th January, Kokborok Sal

10. Printing of literary books of the Kokborok Writers selected

11. Preparation of Kokborok Tri- lingual Dictionary.

12. Competition on Story writing letter writing, Essay writing etc,

13. Graduate and PG teachers’ training for teaching Kokborok

14. College teachers’ training for teaching Kokborok to be organized.

Other Languages

Similar activities will be taken up for other languages but the extent will be proportionate to

the number of population as given below (Census-2011) :-

1) Chakma - 79,813,

2) Halam – 57,210,

3) Garo - 12,952

4) Mog - 37,893 ,

5) Kuki-Mizo - 10,965 ,

6) Bishnupriya Manipuri – 21,716 and

7) Manipuri – 30,000

All of the Minority Languages are guided by the Advisory Committees constituted by the State Government for Development of concerned Languages and there are 8 ( Eight) Advisory Committees including the Kokborok. The Honorable Minister of Education etc. is Chairman of 2(Two) Advisory Committees namely, Manipuri and Bishnupriya Manipuri .