In Tripura as per 2011 Census Mogs are 37,893 (1.01%) persons. Their major concentrations are at Sabroom and Belonia. Mogs are Arakan tribe and migrated to Tripura through Chittagong Hill Tracts. By religion they are Buddhist. Their language is grouped under Tibeto-Chinese family, which has also linked with Assam-Burmese section of language. 
Under the Directorate of Kokborok & Other Minority Languages (Education Department, Tripura) Mog language was also introduced in 37 Schools as a subject since 2013 in their own Script at primary level.
Advisory Committee was also constituted to advice the state Govt. for the smooth development of the said language. 


  1. Rupaichari S.B. School (Pry Section),                               I/S Sabroom.
  2. Uttar Bojoypur S.B. School (Pry Section),                         I/S Sabroom
  3. Manu Bankul H.S. School, (Pry Section),                          I/S Sabroom
  4. Uthai Mog Para J.B. School,                                             I/S Sabroom
  5. Rangha Chandra Para J.B. School,                                   I/S Sabroom
  6. East Sonaichari J.B. School,                                             I/S  Sabroom
  7. Chailta Bankul J.B. School,                                              I/S  Sabroom
  8. Battla S.B. School (Pry Section),                                      I/S Sabroom
  9. Baishnapur High School (Pry Section),                             I/S I/S Sabroom
  10. Akya Mog Para  J.B. School (Pry Section)                        I/S   Suknachari, Karbok
  11. Mangai Mog Para J.B. School,                                          I/S  Santir Bazar
  12. Mong Mong Se Para, J.B. School,                                    I/S Santir Bazar
  13. Thanda Babu Mog Para J.B. School,                                I/S   Santir Bazar
  14. Sujao Choudhury S.B. School,                                          I/S   Santir Bazar
  15. Monsu/Mochau Mog Para S.B. School ,                           I/S   Santir Bazar
  16. Saloung Mog Para S.B. School,                                       I/S   Silachari
  17. Kajasi Mog Para S.B. School,                                           I/S Silachari
  18.    Pathai Mog Para S.B School                                          I/S-Sabroom
  19. Chhabi Kumar S.B School                                                 I/S-Sabroom
  20. Manindra Reang Para J.B School                                      I/S Santir Bazaar
  21. Kalma S.B School                                                              I/S Santir Bazaar
  22. HazaChhari High(Pry) School                                           I/S-Sabroom
  23. Ailmara High(Pry)School                                                   I/S-Sabroom
  24. Alotala S.B School                                                             I/S Amarpur
  25. Bashi Ch. Para High School                                               I/S-Amarpur
  26. Madhu Mog Para S.B School                                             I/S-Santir Bazaar
  27. Harijoy Colony J.B School                                                 I/S Santir Bazaar
  28. Atu Mog Para J.B School                                                   I/S-Santir Bazaar
  29. East Charakbai S.B School                                                I/S-Santir Bazaar
  30. Chatha Mog Para J.B School                                             ADC- I/S-RPC
  31. Chagra Para J.B School.                                                    ADC- I/S-RPC
  32. Sukna Chhari ST Colony J.B School                                 ADC- I/S-RPC
  33. Kanjari Mog Para J.B School                                             ADC- I/S-RPC
  34. Kanjari Mog Para J.B School                                             ADC-Korbook
  35. Sita Mog Para J.B School                                                  ADC-Korbook
  36. Powang Mog Para J.B School                                           ADC-Korbook
  37. Chandramohan CP  S.B.                                                   ADC-Korbook