Manipuri is the predominant language and lingua franca in the north –eastern state of Manipur. Manipuri  is also spoken in the Indian states of Assam and Tripura and in Bangladesh and Mayanmar.

It is currently classified as a vulnerable language by UNESCO. Manipuri is a language of Kuki- Chin group of Sino-Tibetan family. It has been recognised by the Indian Union and has been included in the list of Scheduled languages. Manipuri is taught as a subject up to Post- Graduate level in many Universities of India, apart from as a medium of instruction up to under graduate level in Manipur. At present Manipuri is taught in Manipuri alphabet up to class X in Manipur though the Bengali alphabet has been used in teaching and writing of this language for long years .

The population of the Manipuri in Tripura , according to census report of 2011, is 30000 thousand. The government of Tripura has introduced Manipuri language as first language at primary level since 1998. The government has also decided to introduce the language at the upper primary level from the academic session of 2017. At present Manipuri is taught in the22 notified schools throughout the state.