Bishnupriya Manipuri

The Bishnupriya Manipuri is one of the minority languages in Tripura spoken by the Bishnupriya Manipuris.  

It is claimed, following religious upheaval during the middle of eighteen century the first exodus of the Bishnupriya Manipuri from Manipur took place. And during Burmese occupation of Manipur from the 1819 -1826 thousands of Manipuris left Manipur and started settling in Assam, Shylet of Bangladesh & Tripura. A sizable people had been taken to Burma as captives.

The Bishnupriya Manipuri language is claimed to have originated from the Sanskrit and developed under the influence of Sauraseni Prakrit and Maghadhi Prakrit, Bishnupriya Manipuri language is akin to Assamese and Bengali languages but at the same time different from the both. It is claimed that 4000 words are common with Manipuri language. 
Amongst the notable writers of the language Gitiswami Gokulananda is prominent.

 The speakers of in this language are found in North, Unakoti, Dhalai, Khowai, West and Sipahijala District of the state.
The Government of Tripura has introduced Bishnupriya Manipuri language as a subject at primary level since 1995. At present this language is taught in 39 Government schools in the state.

Name of School where Bishnupriya Manipuri language are taught 
1. Goldharpur RS H/S School 2. Tilakpur Girls J/B School. 3. Jalai High School. 4. Jarailtali H/S School(Pry. Sec.) 5. Singirbil High School. 6. Fultali S/B School. 7. Dalugaon J.B School. 8. Bhagyapur High School. 9. Fatikchhera High School. 10.  East kanchanbari high School. 11.  Balichhera S/B School. 12.  Mashauli High School. 13. Kanchanchhera Manipuripara J. B. School. 14. Assambasti S/B School. 15. Kanchanbari H/S School. 16. Durbasakhala J. B. School. 17. Betchhera(Raitwisa) H/S School. 18. Kanthalchhera TMC High School. 19. Deochhera H/S School. 20. Joynagar H/S School. 21. Bhagyapur S/B School. 22. Sanichhera S/B School. 23. Dhigal Bank J. B. School. 24. Dakshin Purba Nadiapur J. B. School. 25. Deocherra Bhitargol J. B. School. 26. Kherengjuri S/ B. School. 27. Longtorai Narendranagar J. B. School. 28. Baralutma H/S School. 29. Debichhera High School. 30. Mohanpur High School. 31. Halhali S/B School 32. Nakful Col. High School. 33. Avanga S/B School. 34. Ramkeshab C.P. High School. 35. Jangthum J. B. School. 36. Kalkalia High School.  37. Mohanpur SB School. 38. Radhakishorpur JB School. 39. Indranagar JB School