INTRODUCTION:- The language spoken by all the families of Halam community is known as Halam language. The Halam language is to some extent similar with the Kuki-Chin group of the greater Tibeto-Burman family. Owing to topographical differences in their habitation, there are minor dialectical differences among the Halam speaking people. Besides, assimilation by other larger communities, their language and culture has been seriously affected. In Tripura, there has been conscious effort by the Government to promote and develop Halam language. Accordingly, the Government has constituted the ‘Halam Language Advisory Committee’ on 17th Dec, 2012 to take necessary steps for the uplift of Halam language. Very little Literary Books are available in this language. The Halams have no script of their own. The state government has recognized Roman Script for the language; they are using Roman script for any sort of documentations and writings.

   List of Schools where Halam students are studying-                                     

  1. Zoithang S.B. School (Pry)                                         I.S., Dharmanagar, North Tripura.
  2. Balicherra S.B. School (Pry)                                       I.S., Dharmanagar, North Tripura.
  3. Noagang Indracherra High School (Pry)                    I.S., Dharmanagar, North Tripura.
  4. Padmabil Duganga S.B. School (Pry)                        I.S., Dharmanagar, North Tripura.
  5. Balakmoni High School (Pry)                                     I.S., Dharmanagar, North Tripura.
  6. Ballukcherra High School (Pry)                                  I.S., Dharmanagar, North Tripura.
  7. Tilthai Halam Basti S.B. School (Pry)                         I.S., Dharmanagar, North Tripura.
  8. Pekucherra S.B. School  (Pry)                                   I.S., Dharmanagar, North Tripura..
  9. Kanailal Halam Para S.B. School(Pry)                       I.S., Kamalpur, Dhalai Tripura.
  10. Thalbari S.B School(Pry)                                             I.S., Kamalpur, Dhalai Tripura.
  11. Balaram Bari S.B. School (Pry)                                   I.S., Kamalpur, Dhalai Tripura.
  12. Kulubari S.B.School (Pry)                                            I.S., Kamalpur, Dhalai Tripura.
  13. N.G.Para S.B.School (Pry)                                            I.S.,Kamalpur, Dhalai Tripura.
  14. Banpuilal Para S.B. School(Pry)                                  I.S., Kamalpur, Dhalai Tripura.
  15. Jarmanjoy CP S.B. School (Pry)                                  I.S., Kamalpur, Dhalai Tripura.
  16. Lalchhari S.B. School  (Pry)                                          I.S., Kamalpur, Dhalai Tripura.
  17. Gamaku Bari S.B. School(Pry)                                     I.S.,Amarpur Gomati  Tripura.
  18. Jaksai Bari S.B. School (Pry)                                         I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura.
  19. Khrisnachandra High School (Pry)                              I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura.
  20. Amarendra Smriti High School (Pry)                           I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura.
  21. Polkulbari High School (Pry)                                        I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura.
  22. Maibangiri S.B. School (pry)                                         I.S. Amarpur, Gomati Tripura.
  23. Tuidubari S.B. School (Pry)                                           I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura.
  24. Neitanlal S.B. School (Pry)                                            I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura.
  25. Dakmura S.B.School (Pry)                                             I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura.
  26. Panruangva S.B. School (Pry)                                        I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura..
  27. Dharkathang S.B. School (Pry)                                      I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura.
  28. Palanjoy Molsom S.B. School (Pry)                              I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura.
  29. Manithang S.B. School (Pry)                                          I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura.
  30. Devtamura High School (Pry)                                        I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura.
  31. Laxmanpara High School (Pry)                                      I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura.
  32. Molsom Bari S.B. School (Pry)                                       I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura.
  33. Thelakung High School (Pry)                                         I.S., Amarpur, Gomati Tripura..
  34. Chhagaldema  S.B. School (Pry)                                    I.S., Kailasahar, Unakoti Tripura.
  35. Jamtoi High School(Pry)                                                 I.S., Kailasahar, Unakoti Tripura.
  36. Sunaimura Halam Basti S.B. School (Pry)                    I.S., Kailasahar,Unakoti Tripura.
  37. Katuachherra  J.B. School                                               I.S., Damcherra, North Tripura.
  38. Chandpur Mujiram Para J.B. School                             I.S., Damcherra, North Tripura.
  39. Madhya Thangnang J.B. School                                     I.S., Damcherra, North Tripura.
  40. Jarulmura J.B. School                                                       I.S., Damcherra, North Tripura.
  41. Tingori Indurail Colony J.B.                                             I.S., Damcherra, North Tripura.
  42. Purba Dolubari J.B. School                                              I.S., Damcherra, North Tripura.
  43. Pondor ray Halam Para J.B. School                               I.S., Damcherra, North Tripura.
  44. Saipuibual Halam para J.B. School                                 I.S., Damcherra, North Tripura.
  45. Khodungsei J.B. School J.B. School                                I.S., Damcherra, North Tripura.
  46. Narendranagar Halam Basti J.B. School                        I.S., Damcherra, North Tripura.
  47. Ganditila J.B. School                                                         I.S., Damcherra, North Tripura.
  48. Faikar Para J.B. School                                                     I.S., Khumtaya Dhalai Tripura
  49. Adarsa Colony J.B. School                                               I.S., Khmtaya, Dhalai Tripura.
  50. Bongbari J.B. School                                                         I.S., Khumtaya, Dhalai Tripura.
  51. Janthum SB Para J.B. School                                           I.S,Khumtaya Dhalai Tripura.
  52.  Simbuksak J.B. School                                                   I.S., Khumtaya, Dhalai Tripura.
  53.  Neichunjoy Para J.B.School                                           I.S.,Khumtaya, Dhalai Tripura.
  54. Natun Halam J.B. School                                                I.S., Khumtaya, Dhalai Tripura.
  55. Kochucherra J.B. School                                                 I.S., Khumtaya, Dhalai Tripura.
  56. Nuajoy J.B. School                                                           I.S, Khumtaya, Dhalai Tripura.
  57. Ketuacherra J.B. School                                                 I.S,Khumtaya, Dhalai Tripura.
  58.  Jitendra Ruaja Para J.B. School                                   I.S,Khumtaya, Dhalai Tripura.
  59.  Raipasa  J.B. School                                                        I.S.,Khumtaya Dhalai Tripura.
  60.  Chaltacherra J.B. School                                                I.S.,Khumtaya Dhalai Tripura.
  61.  Shipbari J.B. School                                                          I.S., Khumtaya, Dhalai Tripura.
  62.  Kulaiganta J.B. School                                                   I.S,Khumtaya, Dhalai Tripura.
  63.  Bangphai J.B.School                                                      I.S, Rayabari. Gomati Tripura.
  64.  Dakmura J.B. School                                                      I.S.,Rayabari. Gomati Tripura.
  65.  Darjiling J.B. School                                                       I.S.,Rayabari , Gomati Trpura.
  66.  Lailak J.B. School                                                            I.S.,Rayabari. Gomati Tripura.
  67.  Molsom Tuibaklai  J.B. School                                      I.S.,Rayabari. Gomati Tripura.
  68.  Tholebari J.B. School                                                      I.S.,Rayabari, Gomati Tripura.
  69.  Sutagangarai  J.B. School                                              I.S, Rayabari.,Gomati Tripura.
  70.  Kalsi  J.B. School                                                               I.S, Rayabari, Gomati Tripura.
  71.  Aga Saimarva  J.B. School                                               I.S.,Rayabari.,Gomati Tripura.
  72.  Aganlal J.B.School                                                            I.S.,Rayabar., Gomati Tripura.
  73.  Sonkhola J.B. School                                                        I.S.,Rayabari.,Gomati Tripura.
  74.  Budisum  J.B. School                                                        I.S. Rayabari.,Gomati Tripura.
  75.  Tuichalong  J.B. School                                                    I.S.,Rayabari ,Gomati Tripura.
  76.  Nupangrumva J.B. School                                               I.S.,Rayabari.,Gomati Tripura
  77.  Garjantila J.B. School                                                       I.S.,Rayabari, Gomati Tripura.
  78.  Thumnagarai  J.B. School                                                I.S., Rayabar Gomati Tripura.
  79.  Ranaibari J.B. School                                                        I.S, Rayabari.,Gomati Tripura.
  80. Marwa Colony J.B. School                                               I.S., Rayabari.Gomati Tripura.
  81. Bhaktamahan Para  J.B. School                                      I.S. Rayabari. Gomati Tripura. 
  82.  Tuichakma J.B. School School                                       I.S.,Jampuijala ,Sipahijala Tripura.
  83.  Vaigati J.B. School                                                         I.S.,Jampuijala, Sipahijala Tripura.
  84. Tangpui para  J.B. School                                              I.S., Jampuijala, Sipahijala Tripura.
  85.  Drunabhagya Para J.B. School                                    I.S. Jampuijala, Sipahijala Tripura. 
  86.  Lungphun J. B. School                                                  I.S., Jampuijala,Sipahijala Tripura. 
  87.  Nunachhara J.B. School                                               I.S., Jampuijala, Sipahijali Tripura.
  88.  Gonta-ek J.B. School                                                    I.S.,Ampinagar , Gomati Tripura.   
  89.  Baromihi Para J.B. School                                            I.S., Ampinagar, Gomati Tripura.
  90. Rabakva J.B. School                                                      I. S., Ampinagar, Gomati Tripura.